Monday, May 14, 2012

Musical Flashmob on the Train

File this one under "public transit," "global," and "music."  (Not to mention "free.")

 It's the Copenhagen Philharmonic treating the commuters in the subway to a performance of "Morning Mood" from "Peer Gynt."  Save for a dull-ish, end of the year day, and watch how students brighten up. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Score One for Social Studies

Correct map of Byzantine Empire under Justinian
I love this one.  At New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art ("The Met," that is), a thirteen-year-old visited the Byzantine Gallery.  When he took a close look at a map of the Byzantine Empire under Justinian, something seemed wrong.  He had a question for the museum staff.  Why weren't the regions in northern Africa and Spain included? 

It took a few months, but recently Benjamin Lerman Coady received an email from the Met's curator for Byzantine art, acknowledging the error in the Met's map. 

Some seventh-grade student (and teacher)!  And a good argument for more field trips  . . . .