Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting Ready for the New Year

So excited and delighted to have met Iredell-Statesville teachers at the World View Partners' Program last Friday.

The Middle East is a challenging region to teach, but everyone in the session (perched on side seats, the chair for the computer desk, and anywhere else they could find) was ready to work at it.  Proud to be working at it with them. 

I shared suggestions for regional reading, now featured as "Middle East and Language Arts" on the sidebar.  My favorite?  Can't get enough of those Turkish folk tales.  How can you not love a story that begins "Once there was, and once there wasn't . . .  "?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Lesson Plans from NC Civic Education Consortium

The NC Civic Education Consortium has just posted powerpoints and lessons plans from their Warren A. Nord Teachers' Seminar, "Challenges to Democracy."  Scroll down here and browse. 

Take a special look at Exploring Perceptions of American Muslims and Islam in the United States - Dr. Tim Marr , Associate Professor of American Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill

Thanks to Paul Bonnici and Christie Hinson Norris for a terrific program and resources. Great background and ideas for teaching here!