Friday, July 25, 2014

In the Mall

You may have seen this video of a little American girl hearing the Muslim call to prayer for the first time in a mall in Dubai.

If you don't speak three-year-old, you may have a bit of difficulty understanding her first two comments ("That's a good voice."  and "That's a good one.").  You'll probably recognize the American cultural reference she makes (Muslim friends think that one's pretty funny).    

Well, who doesn't love seeing children being "totally adorbs," as one commenter put it?  

But I say the appeal goes deeper than that. Here's a very young person experiencing a culture not her own, and giving it all the attention and consciousness she's got. The real appeal here is the complete, rapt immersion, the opening of eyes and ears and heart. What wouldn't we give, as adults, to experience a new (to us) culture in that intense and beautiful way?

We can try.  Let's resolve at least to try. 

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