Monday, February 15, 2010

Teaching World Cultures

According to the new NC Professional Teaching Standards, all teachers will be required to "promote global awareness and its relevance" in classroom instruction. To support educators in the transition, LEARN NC is aligning all their professional development resources to the new standards.

You're a past master of global learning, of course. But if you have any colleagues who are a little uneasy about teaching globally, steer them to LEARN NC's new best practices article Teaching World Cultures for some general guidelines, specific strategies, and resources. Come to think of it, take look at it yourself, and post your comments and ideas here. There'll be more articles and resources on global teaching to come on LEARN NC.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Chinese New Year

The year of the Tiger begins on February 14th. For resources and ideas to celebrate the new year with global learning, I'm linking to the Book Chook.

The Book Chook is an Australian blogger whose work (in and out of the blogosphere) I admire greatly. She's a former kindergarten teacher, a writer, and a passionate advocate for literacy. (And she loved living in China for a year.) Wonderful ideas here!