Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Service Learning in the Global Neighborhood

Community volunteering has become an essential part of many schools (particularly high schools), but has your school been thinking about introducing service learning? Roughly one out of three schools have a service learning component for students. It's a step beyond volunteering, with curricular connections, structure, particular objectives, and opportunities for reflection during and after the project. Here's some background on the goals and strategies of service learning:

Most service learning opportunities have focused on the local, state, and national communities, but Asia Society now has resources and ideas for making your school's service learning truly global. Whether you're planning a service learning component, or deepening your commitment, take a look through Making Service Learning Work for Your Students' Futures. There's something for every level, from kindergarten through high school.

Service learning, like global learning, connects students' skills with real-life problem-solving and encourages critical thinking, respect, and responsibility. Talk with your colleagues about getting these powerful partners together in your school plan.

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