Monday, February 8, 2010

Chinese New Year

The year of the Tiger begins on February 14th. For resources and ideas to celebrate the new year with global learning, I'm linking to the Book Chook.

The Book Chook is an Australian blogger whose work (in and out of the blogosphere) I admire greatly. She's a former kindergarten teacher, a writer, and a passionate advocate for literacy. (And she loved living in China for a year.) Wonderful ideas here!


  1. Thank you so much, Regina! I believe the very best way to get to know another country and its people is to live and work there, rather than be a tourist, especially on a whistle-stop tour. By teaching English in China, we lost a lot of the stereotypes we'd formed about its people, we made wonderful new friends, and best of all, we found out a lot about ourselves!

  2. Thanks for sharing such fun and helpful resources!
    And I agree entirely. The tourist route can't compare with living and working (or studying) in a country. I wish every teacher had the opportunity to do it. Sounds like it was a great learning adventure for you!