Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EOCs and EOGs are coming

Those tests are coming up fast.  Pencils ready?

Are you just a little worried that you should have spent less time on global teaching and more time teaching to the test?  Don't be.  If you've been conscientious about opening the world to your class, chances are you've been more than conscientious about preparing them to show their skills on the test.

Remember that many non-fiction reading selections on language arts tests are drawn from social studies (particularly themes on world regions).  This goes for the ACT and SAT, too.

Remember that global learning goes across the curriculum, and is an ideal curriculum integrator.  Yes, you can teach math and science and global awareness.  (And you do.)

Remember that global learning enhances literacy, critical thinking, and technology skills that are crucial for success in the 21st century (as well as for the test). 

And remember you still have time to do some old fashioned test prep, if you want.  Just don't forget global connections!

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