Monday, October 4, 2010

Nobel Prize Week 2010

It's Nobel Prize Week, when the Nobel Foundation will be honoring those leaders who have made a world impact in Medicine, Economics, Chemistry, Literature, Physics, and Peace.

Each day will bring the announcement of a new winner, and the opportunity to introduce students to global heroes and their extraordinary work.  You can follow along on

Here's the schedule

Monday: Medicine
Robert G. Edwards, developer of in vitro fertilization, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.  Learn more about the laureate and his work here.

Tuesday: Physics

Wednesday: Chemistry

Thursday: Literature

Friday: Peace

Monday:  Economic Sciences

Follow along with your class this week, and learn more about the Laureates and their world-class contributions to global life.  Who knows?  You may inspire a future Nobel Laureate.

Update:  Great ideas for discussion about in vitro fertilization at NY Times Learning Network

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