Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Livin' La Vida Global

We're in the third (and last) week of the blogging challenge Cate Brubaker of Small Planet Studio has set us.

Today's topic: "How are you living a global life?"

Since this is the eve of Thanksgiving in the US, I'm coming at this question from the gratitude angle.  I may not be hopping on a plane to a different, exciting destination every week, but there are global elements I can enjoy as a part of each day.  Here are some of the "daily global" activities that enrich my life.

I work in the FedEx Global Education Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  That means my work, my colleagues, and my location are all focused on global connections. Not an exaggeration to say that something global is always afoot!

As Outreach Director of the Middle East center, I work to deepen understanding of a critical world region. A great challenge, and one I enjoy immensely. My mission is strengthened and buoyed by partnership with faculty from the region who share their expertise and insights with the larger community.

When I'm at work, I frequently listen to my favorite station, WCPE, online.  Which means, of course, I'm listening with people all around the world.  (And folks tweet in from all over, which is always a thrill!)

And speaking of Twitter. Could be (and too often is) a silly waste of time.  Still, I can keep current with world-traveling friends. Love the immediacy despite the distance. (Recently I tweeted emergency restaurant suggestions to hungry explorers of Seville and saw the meal they ordered within minutes. Love that Instagram--not to mention the paella!)

Also on Twitter--I follow Le Monde, and gobble up headlines in French. I keep up with what I think of as the global A-B-C news sources (Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN [or CBS, if you prefer]).

And I keep up with other globally-minded folks through Cate and her great Small Planet Studio site. Terrific to hear tales of travel to places I've visited or not visited, always from interested and interesting people.  The blog challenge is the latest exciting idea to emerge from that project.

So on the eve of Thanksgiving in the US, I'm thankful--very thankful--for all the small and big global connection that enrich my life every day.

And I'm looking for more!


  1. I miss being in the Global Ed Center with you, Regina! We need to get coffee soon. :)

  2. Most certainly! Looking forward to hearing more about your workation adventures!